Good Friday

                                    “Come, ye Daughters, Help Me Lament”,
                                  From the St. Matthew’s Passion by J.S. Bach.
                                               Double Chorus with Chorale


Come, ye daughters, help me lament,

Behold! Whom? The Bridegroom.

Behold him! How? Like a lamb.

Behold! What? Behold his patience.

Behold! Where? Behold our guilt.

Behold Him, out of love and graciousness,

Himself carrying the wood of the cross.


Chorus of the Daughters of Zion

O guiltless Lamb of God

 slaughtered on the stem of the cross,

always found patient, 

how despised You were.
You have born all sin, 

else we must have despaired.
Have mercy upon us, O Jesus! 


Kommt, ihr Töchter, helft mir klagen!

Sehet !Wen? Den Bräutigam.

Seht ihn! Wie? Als wie ein Lamm!

Sehet! Was? Seht die Geduld.

Seht! Wohin? Auf unsre Schuld.

Sehet ihn aus Lieb und Huld

Holz zum Kreuze selber tragen!


 O Lamm Gottes unschuldig,

Am Stamm des Kreuzes geschlachtet,
Allzeit erfunden geduldig,

Wiewohl du warest verachtet.
All Sünd hast du getragen,

Sonst müßten wir verzagen.
Erbarm dich unser, o Jesu.

The Thomanerchor, or St. Thomas Boy’s Choir and the Gewandhaus Orchestra of Leipzig, Germany, and  Gewandhaus Kinder-und Jugendchor ; The performance was given at St.Thomas Lutheran Church, Leipzig, where J. S. Bach worked as cantor.  Georg Christoph Biller, the current cantor of St. Thomas Church, and the 16th since Bach, is the director.

                                  All glory to Him who for our need His life did give!