1 Samuel 16:7


“For the Lord looks on the heart…”


There is and must be a basic honesty about life, before God and others. Our society is concerned about “image” and yet despises the phony.  The Israelites chose the tall, handsome Saul as their king. He turned out to be a disaster. God sees the heart. Sooner of later we may also, but often it’s too late.

 The “heart” as used in the Bible refers to what we might call the whole person. That’s what God cares aboout – the whole you. God sees all and still loves. The outward appearance is only a part of you and you know it. Sometimes the outer appearance is better than “you”, sometimes it’s worse.  We are fooled by people when we only see part of them. But God is not fooled – and God still loves.

 God sees the whole person; the terrible potential for evil which we overlook in ourselves and tend to suspect in others. God also works to bring good from evil. This we often fail to see in others, for we love ourselves too much and our neighbors not enough.

 The gospel is the Good News that God is committed to us in Christ. God sees everything yet remains firm in his grace and love.  Honesty in this life does not mean wearing your heart on your sleeve at all times for all people. At the same time we can dare to be honest with Christ Jesus. He knows us as we are and wants only our good. We can dare to trust Him with what He already knows, the good and the bad.


“May the peace of God that passes all understanding keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus our Lord.”