Acts 2:24


“But God raised him from the dead…because it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him.”


The Golden Gate, as it is called, is located on the eastern side of the famous temple mount in Jerusalem. The current gate was built over an earlier structure dating from the time of Jesus. According to tradition, this is where the Messiah will arrive when he comes to establish the new Jerusalem.

In 1514 the muslim conqueror, Suleiman, had the gate sealed in an effort to prevent the Messiah from entering. For insurance a cemetery was placed around the entrance since it was believed that the Messiah would not enter a cemetery. Somehow I don’t think stone walls and dead bodies are much of a deterrent. Not for the Messiah I know.

Three days after others put Him in a cemetery, in a tomb sealed with stone, Jesus brushed the stone aside and re-entered life. In His own body Christ Jesus gave us a sign that no barrier will hold Him and no cemetery is off limits. But Christ Jesus did not come out of that tomb as a vengeful conqueror, bent on destruction. Oh, He came out as conqueror to be sure. But it was death that lay vanquished at His feet and the great barrier of sin no longer stood between humanity and God.

Suleiman had no clue who he was dealing with where our Messiah is concerned. Christ Jesus will break down every dividing wall, empty every cemetery, and on that great and glorious day, establish the New Jerusalem – with gates wide open – where all the promises of God will find their fulfillment in Him.


“May the peace of god that passes all understanding keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus our Lord.”