Luke 15:13


…”the younger son got together all he had, and set off for a far country.”


Two young men became police officers. After a time a friend of the one of the families inquired after their son. “Oh he is doing very well”, his father reported.  “He has received two promotions and is making good money. His hours are good and everyone seems to like him” . 

At about the same time, the other young man was fired from the department. He had received no raises and no promotions. When his parents heard the news they were quite upset until they learned that he had lost his job because he would not participate in the corruption that was the standard in the department.

The first young man ‘succeeded’ according to the standards he was willing to abide by. The second young man  ‘failed’ for the same reason.

In a real sense it would not have mattered if the Prodigal Son had failed or succeeded in the far country. Either way, his life was measured by the shabby standards of that place. Success would have been just as damning as was his groveling with the whores and pigs.

You and I were created for the standards of the Father’s house. No matter how high we may fly by any others, they are not sufficient measures by which can claim success. 

In Jesus Christ God calls us all, His sons and daughters, to return from the far country to the Father’s house. The shape of our shabbiness, whether rich or poor, is immaterial. What matters is that we know we are His. The Church has been given the Gospel for just this purpose. For it is through its’ gracious message that we are awakened to the standards of the Kingdom and drawn into the loving arms of the Father.


“May the peace of God that passes all understanding keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus our Lord.”