John 1

“The true light has come into the world.”


This week I am in the state of Wisconsin visiting my folks. The other evening, just after dusk, a lone firefly made its’ appearance among the shrubs near my father’s house. I watched for a few minutes but no other fireflies appeared, the result of the dry weather this Spring and summer.

That one small light was enough to penetrate the gathering darkness of the evening but its’ erratic course, as it flitted here and there, made it impossible to follow. Eventually it faded from view and was gone. All that remained was the darkness.

Many have come promising light; Adolf Hitler spoke of a brilliant future for the German people and proceeded to plunge them and most of  the world into darkness. The Marxists promised a bright future to the Russians, Chinese and others and gave them terror and subjugation on an unprecedented scale.

John writes of the “true light” that has come into the world. That true light is God’s Living and abiding Word, Jesus Christ. For now, we follow Him in faith traveling a course that is unerring, straight and true. No darkness can overcome it. One day we live fully in His light. No lesser lights will be required. The one, glorious light of Christ will be enough to flood the eternal vistas of heaven.


“May the peace of God that passes all understanding keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus our Lord.”