Where the Action Is

Gerhard Frost was among my favorite seminary mentors. He was a master wordsmith with much wisdom to boot. His unique use of language, however, was never an end in itself. His goal was always to bring the grace of Christ into the highest possible relief.



by Gerhard frost

“…He went about doing good.”


The trouble with Jesus?

He was such a wastrel –

a squanderer of time,

I mean.

He just wasn’t where the action is.

I’d never have traveled with Him;

why we’d never have made it on time!

If Jesus were here, in the flesh, I mean,

He’d miss the action every time,

what with avoiding freeways,

and staying on country roads.

Why He’d arrive at every three-day convention

about noon of the third day,

and at every meeting

just in time for the Lord’s Prayer.

Always late, with time to throw away

on frightened children, blind folks,

and even the demon-possessed.

Even time to pet dogs? Perhaps.

(Though I’ve heard they were despised

where Jesus lived).

Time for sunsets, bird-watchings,

child-blessings, leper cleansings,

and every lost cause, but not for the action –

a most inefficient man –

unless, of course, He was the action,

and still is!


“May the peace of God that passes all understanding keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus our Lord.”